Detail from Albrecht Dürer’s 1498 woodcut depicting the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Image via Wikimedia commons.

K-Pop sensation BTS performs during its 2018 Love Yourself World Tour. Image via Wikimedia commons.

Dylan at the peak of his 1960s, post-folk pomp. Image via Wikimedia commons.

The Qing dynasty’s famous Summer Palace in the Yuan Ming Yuan gardens.

Image credit: 394th Judicial District Court of Texas

Mario Draghi in 2017. Image via Wikimedia commons.

Is fascism a singular, historical evil or a more abstract, malevolent force?

(Credit: Alisdare Hiuckson, July 13, 2018)

Americans are forgetting how to accept electoral defeat

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) leads a group of people calling for stopping the vote count in Pennsylvania on November 05, 2020. (Spencer Platt/Getty)

Wessie du Toit

Freelance writer. Main interest = history of ideas. Also art, books, politics. Follow me on twitter @wessiedutoit

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